Aseel Tayah


Lullabies under the stars

In collaboration with First Nation artist Caleena Sansbury and Camile Feghali
and inspired by First Nation elderly leaders Uncle Larry Walsh and Jason Tamiru

This work has been inspired first by Aseel’s attempts to find places that offer baby play in her own language, thinking of all children that do not sing in their mother tongue in  Melbourne, a city with more than 200 languages.

While chatting to Lydia, an indigenous artist, Lydia shared various aboriginal lullabies that are sadly not known to locals, even if it is first nation’s first songs to know. This production is inspired by the Australian diversity and the right for children to know the culture of this land its stories and lullabies. Workshops and performances are designed to suit all ages, installation and sounds are created with the older ages and shared with the younger ones.

 Shared narratives from the owners of the land and those who chose it to be theirs.