Aseel Tayah

Men In Demand

This artistic performance reflects various ideologies about the masculine society that every Arabic girl finds herself in nowadays. It began with a question that I directed to most of the men I know, asking them one by one: “Why didn’t you choose me a bride?

Their answers were the basis for creating the dress design. A dress that no Arabic bride would accept to wear. A dress representing the many and varied faults of women from a male’s perspective.

This installation was created in a white room of 10m2. Seventy white curtains were embroidered with the answers from 70 men. Throughout the performance, those words were removed by my hands, teeth, and nails while singing repeatedly “Gone” in Arabic. The male dress designer purposely chose due to the artist being subjected to his veristic opinion and behavior during the making of her first engagement dress. An engagement that was broken off for the same oppressive reasons.